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With charts, graphs, maps, tables and many other great data analysis components, Vismatica is the perfectly powerful and perfectly affordable dashboard design software for small and medium sized businesses.



Unlike all other dashboard development tools on the market, Vismatica goes far beyond data analysis and display and allows for data collection and interaction with our simple form designer, document sharing components, and linked panels that allow for the design of entire web applications within the Vismatica software by anyone with SQL knowledge and a little creativity.

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Presenting all of ourVismaticaFeatures

Best Cost and Support

Lowest Price

Vismatica is a top-of-the-line dashboard development solution at one of the lowest prices on the market. We cost less than half of what our competitors charge. Contact us to obtain a more accurate quote for your company or your purpose.

No Hidden Fees

We have NO HIDDEN FEES, the monthly license fee includes email support, product defect support, and ongoing upgrades. It is still a lot less than what our competitors charge for "maintenance fee" and they don't even include upgrades.


We provide email support included with the monthly fee. But if you still need help setting up Vismatica or building your dashboards and portals, just ask about our Professional Services packages.

System Features


Vismatica supports multi-user architecture – you can add as many users and system administrators as you need.


Vismatica connects to the primary Vismatica repository automatically and shows you any major available update. You'll always be up-to-date and you won't need to make even a phone call!

Unlimited Dashboards

With a single copy of Vismatica, you can build as many dashboards as you want. Your imagination and your time are the only limits.


No one will ever know that you're using Vismatica. Add branding to any of your dashboards and show off your logo everywhere.

Flexible Data Sources

Vismatica supports multiple data connections per-user or per-dashboard, and you can even use different data drivers such as MySQL, SQL Server and ODBC data sources.

Extremely Secure

Vismatica's SQL features are amazingly flexible but also highly secure. All SQL queries are stored and run on the server in a way that only the stored query can be run, there is no way to modify it. - Plus, all parameters are inspected and maintained perfectly well to avoid all kinds of SQL attacks.

Dashboard Features


You can customize each dashboard to make it unique. Create custom menus, custom colors, custom template sets and much more.

Live Preview

View your dashboards as any user on your system right from the dashboard designer, in real-time while you're designing your dashboard. What better way to see what your users will see.

Flexible Designer

Our unique dashboard designer will let you build dashboards in a heartbeat! Don't take our word on it. Just try it yourself by requesting an online demo and view the amazing power of Vismatica.

Useful Data Components

Vismatica has many data components such as tables, lists, forms, data filtering and many more. All of which are fed with SQL queries connected to any of your registered and favorite SQL providers.

Beautiful Charts

Pie, line, spline area, scatter, bar charts, and gauges. All totally customizable and easily fed from SQL data sources.

Document Forwarder

Do you have documents on a network drive or in some special folder? No matter which protected area contains your files, you can send them to your clients for download using our file forwarder. This is the easiest way to share your files with your clients and protect them at the same time with Vismatica.

Flexible Forms

Setup your forms to collect data from your users. All fields can be validated using strong algorithms and stored in your database. You can even send emails right after submitting the form!

Document Generation

Using the amazing Worpx Engine you can generate documents from SQL data and let your clients download them to their computers, all in a single step, all as easy as eating pie!

Still not convinced yet?

If you're still not convinced then test our system yourself. Contact us to request an online demo and have fun making beautiful and highly accurate dashboards with our system in less than 15 minutes. We dare you!

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Vismatica's pricing depends on the number of users you will be requiring. There are big discount if your order several users. Note that whichever amount you choose can be upgraded later if required. The table shown below shows the current per-user pricing.

UsersPrice per User
1 to 20$10 each (Minimum 20 users).
21 to 100$5 each starting at 21st
More than 100$2 each after the 100th
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Professional installation also includes 8 hours of professional services that can encompass installation, training and development assistance.
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